Chinese New Year got off to a bang around the UK this weekend as firecrackers were let off in many major cities to herald the start of the Year of the Rooster.

London hosted the largest international gathering outside of Asia, with over 700,000 people gravitating into the city centre to join in the celebrations. There were also dragon-dancing extravaganzas in the North – Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle to name the biggest.

Roosters are the tenth sign in the (twelve year) zodiac and are apparently confident, honest and hardworking, who also enjoy being around people but can be seen as attention seekers.

Ring true for those spring chicken parents amongst you in the Diddy Rascals gang, born in 1993? Or the older parents who’ve been ruling the Roost for many years now (born in 1981 - or even 1969!)?

Celebrations carry on for a fortnight until February 11th, so there’s plenty of time for more partying and fire-cracking bangs! To find out your Chinese year and what that might say about you, visit: