Rascals start your engines and get ready to party hard at CarFest South!

This weekend sees the Diddy Rascals crew packing up the speakers and heading to CarFest South. 

We will be turning the Big Top tent into an inflatable fun factory for all our 'Diddy Dancers' and 'Ravin' Rascals'. As usual our resident DJ will be playing a heady mix of club classics and old school funk to get those little wellies stomping to the beat.

There are tonnes of other cool activities for the kids to get stuck into, so be sure to check out the CarFest website for all the goings on! 

Don't forget to share your favourite snaps of your 'Diddy Dancers' in action using the hashtag #diddyrascalssouth ... we know you love a hashtag.

Drive safe and see you in the Big Top!

Saturday- 12pm / Sunday- 3pm